Reasons Your AC Might Have Multiple Filters

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Most people are used to a central air system that involves one big filter you need to change regularly. However, depending on your system, there’s a chance you might need to swap out two or more filters. If your AC has one of these designs, you will need two multiple filters to keep it running correctly.

Your Home Has Multiple Return Vents

The main reason homeowners have two or more filters is that they have two or more return vents. Return vents are the large vents that pull air into the HVAC system to cool it down. The typical, mid-sized home only has a single return vent which is usually located near the air unit. However, some larger homes will have two or more return vents. This is especially common in multi-story houses because extra return vents help air to circulate.

Your Air Handler Has a Separate Filter

Some central AC designs include a large air handling unit as part of the indoor unit. This device contains the blower fan, evaporator coil, and other cooling components. In certain cases, it also has a filter. Homeowners with this setup will have one filter at their return vent and another at their air handler.

You Have Multiple Central Air Systems

This situation is somewhat uncommon, but it occasionally happens in much larger homes with multiple stories. Even though you might assume your entire central air system is connected, there is a chance that you might actually have two separate central air systems in your home. Usually, if this is the case, you can identify it because you’ll have multiple units outside.

Ultimately, a multi-filter system won’t alter the way your HVAC system runs. As long as you change your filters regularly, everything should still run smoothly. If you do notice any issues, turn to 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air. Our team of experts is here to help Asheville with all of its heating and cooling needs. We offer a broad range of HVAC, electrical, and indoor air quality services. To schedule an appointment with us, contact 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air now.