PriorityInstead of calling 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air each year to plan your air conditioner and furnace maintenance, we want to make things as easy as possible for you and your home by permitting us to manage your essentials with a planned service agreement. Ensuring that everything running efficiently all year long doesn’t have to be a errand; together, we can certify that your usual maintenance is not overlooked and that it will provide you with the benefits of a tweaked HVAC system.

Our service agreements on your air conditioner and furnace are standard, proficient and quite easy.

Premier Customer Agreement

Contract Term:

  • 1 Year

Benefits of Plan:

  • *No Service Call Fee
  • *Standard Rates apply to After Hours/Weekend Service
  • *15% off Parts and Labor
Plan Description 1x/Year 2x/Year
1 System $136 $212
2 Systems $212 $363
3 Systems $313 $527
Mini Split System + $129 + $199
Each Additional Indoor Mini Split Unit + $42.50 + $42.50
IAQ Maintenance Materials: Pure Air System Call for Details

To maintain your Lennox warranty, the manufacturer requires that your HVAC System to be professionally serviced at least
one time per year. Below is a list of items that we complete during your service.

Outdoor Unit:

  1. Inspect component wiring for loose, worn or damaged connections. Also check for any rubbing or pinching of wires. Confirm proper voltage plus amperage of outdoor unit.
  2. Check the cleanliness of outdoor fan and blade condition (cracks) and clean or replace them as necessary.
  3. Inspect base pan drains for debris and clean as necessary.
  4. Inspect the condition of refrigerant piping and confirm that pipes are not rubbing copper-to-copper. Also, check the condition of the insulation on the refrigerant lines. Repair, correct, or replace as necessary.
  5. Test Capacitor. Replace as necessary.
  6. Inspect contractor contacts for pitting or burn marks. Replace as necessary.
  7. Check outdoor fan motor for worn bearings/bushings. Replace as necessary.
  8. Inspect and clean outdoor coils, if necessary and note any damage to coils or signs of leakage.

Indoor Unit (Air Handler or Furnace):

  1. Inspect component wiring for loose, worn of damaged connections. Confirm proper voltage plus amperage of indoor unit.
  2. Inspect and clean or replace air filters in indoor unit if filter size is provided before service appointment.
  3. Check the cleanliness of indoor blower and clean blower, if necessary.
  4. Inspect the indoor coil drain pans and condensate drains for rust, debris, obstructions, leaks or cracks. Pour water in pans to confirm proper drainage from the pan through to the outlet of the pipe. Clean or replace as necessary.
  5. Inspect and clean indoor coil, if necessary.
  6. Inspect the condition of the refrigerant lines and confirm that pipes are not rubbing copper-to-copper. Also, ensure that refrigerant pipes are not being affected by indoor air contamination. Check condition of insulation on the refrigerant lines. Repair, correct, or replace as necessary.
  7. Inspect the duct system for leaks or other problems. Repair or replace as necessary.
  8. Check for bearing/bushing wear on indoor blower motor. Replace as necessary.
  9. If your heat pump is matched with a gas- or oil-fired furnace for auxiliary heating, indoor unit service will also include inspection and cleaning of the burners, and a full inspection of the gas valve, heat exchanger and flue (exhaust) system.

General System Test with System Operating

  1. Your technician will perform a general system test. He will turn on the system to check operating functions such as the start-up and shut-off operation. He will also check for unusual noises or odors, and measure indoor/outdoor temperatures and system pressures as needed. He will check the refrigerant charge per the charging sticker information on the outdoor unit.
  2. Verify that system total static pressure and airflow settings are within specific operating parameters.
  3. Verify correct temperature drop across indoor coil.

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    They come with a variety of benefits, including:

    Comprehensive inspection to identify and address fixes
    Ensuring efficiency in the system’s operation
    Swapping out and cleaning your filters
    Reducing the need for emergency repairs
    Friendly, NATE-certified and fully licensed technicians to carry out your service
    Certifying that your heating and cooling equipment is working at peak performance
    Select discounts on pieces and labor

    So, why should you establish a planned service agreement with 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air?

    It optimizes your monthly energy usage and may save you money by keeping your unit running easily and efficiently.

    It keeps your HVAC system trustworthy and reliable by not letting unaddressed service needs diminish the life span or abilities of your unit.
    It relieves your mind and ensures that you won’t fail to remember to schedule the once-a-year appointment, as they work with you to plan the service at the most convenient time for you.

    Irrespective of the make, model, shape or capacities of your HVAC system, 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air sticks to their service agreements and guarantees that your unit is functioning all year long. To discover more about planned service agreements, contact the Asheville 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air store by calling (828) 483-4643 or scheduling an appointment with us online.