Choose 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air as your ideal electrician in Leicester, NC. Our experienced team excels at all indoor comfort and safety services, from electrical repairs to heating and cooling care. Count on us to service your furnace or air conditioner or take care of your backup generator. Founded in 2007, our business has always strived to make your whole-home comfort our top priority.

    Superior Leicester Electrical Repairs

    Trying to fix your flickering lights or loose outlets without the right training or tools can endanger you and your home. While you may want to save money by trying do-it-yourself hacks, be aware that this could cost you more. It’s best to rely on our qualified electricians to take care of all your home’s wiring. We can service your electrical panel, search for the root cause behind power surges and check your ceiling fans. The longer your electrical problems persist, the more likely the issue will spread or result in an emergency, like a house fire.

    A few signs that you may need electrical repairs include increased utility bills, unresponsive switches, and flickering lights. There could also be heat or sparks near your outlets accompanied by a burning odor.

    Our exceptional electrical repair services include:
    • Circuit breakers
    • Electrical panels
    • Outlets
    • Fixtures
    • Interior and exterior wiring
    • Generators

    Comprehensive Electrical Installations

    Be sure to keep us in mind if you need new interior or exterior lighting installations. Our technicians will find the ideal placements for your new energy-efficient fixtures. We even provide art-friendly lighting that highlights your home’s essential decor. Our team can also install your new surge protection, backup generator, or EV charging station. Rely on us to upgrade your old appliances that may no longer work correctly. Constant short circuits and sparks are signs your electrical system isn’t functioning optimally. We’ll add new outlets and replace your old or improper wiring to make sure you don’t experience major electrical problems in the future.

    Check out our expansive range of electrical installations in Leicester.
    • EV charging stations
    • Backup generators
    • Electrical panel replacements
    • Outlets and wiring
    • Ceiling fans
    • Surge protection systems

    Ideal Heating and Cooling Care

    Along with our electrical repairs and installations, we also offer HVAC services. Our team will expertly maintain, repair, or install your heating or cooling system in Leicester. Furnaces and air conditioners often last between 10 to 20 years, depending on your yearly usage and model. You can prolong your system’s lifespan by scheduling routine preventative maintenance.

    A regular tune-up will help you catch serious issues early and keep your energy bills down. When you need repairs, our team will take care of any odd noises, smells, or airflow problems. Our fully licensed technicians are NATE certified and experienced in handling all major furnace and AC system brands.

    You may be due for HVAC services if you’ve noticed leaking water or refrigerant around your system. Other warning signs include a flickering pilot light, banging or squealing sounds, and frequent short cycling. Trust our professionals today to protect both your monthly bills and your family’s indoor comfort.

    Our Leicester heating and cooling services include:
    • Furnace replacements
    • AC repairs
    • HVAC maintenance
    • Commercial HVAC services
    • Geothermal installations
    • Indoor air quality services
    • Solar services

    Your Local Leicester Electrician Team

    1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air is a locally owned indoor comfort company that offers both HVAC and electrical services in Leicester. We’re a Lennox Premier Dealer that’s also certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association. Our team is 100% transparent with our services and prices, and we even offer free estimates so you can make the right comfort choice for your home.

    Call 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air today to make us your electrician in Leicester, NC.