Is It Normal to Smell Gas Near a Furnace?

Furnace Maintenance in Asheville, NC

It’s not uncommon to have strange smells coming from a gas furnace. If you smell rotten eggs, the situation can be serious as it might be coming from a gas leak, especially if the smell does not go away after a few minutes.

Rotten Eggs Smell

Gas is normally odorless. Gas companies add a compound called mercaptan as a safety measure. Mercaptan adds a smell to gas that is similar to rotten eggs. If you smell this in your home or around your furnace, it’s a warning sign something is probably wrong.

A faint rotten egg smell coming from your furnace means there is probably a light leak. If it’s a strong smell, immediately turn off the furnace and get your family away from your home. Call the fire department or your gas provider so they can determine what’s wrong.

Heat Exchanger

It’s very often the case that the reason for a strong rotten egg smell coming from your furnace is a broken heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is the heart of a furnace, and so when it breaks, you usually have to replace the furnace.

Your gas provider or fire department will only make sure your home is safe. If you live near Asheville, NC, 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air can diagnose why you smell gas by your furnace and what to do about it.

Preventative Maintenance

To prevent gas leaks, have your furnace tuned-up once a year. This service includes making sure your furnace is operating safely. They’ll check for gas leaks and ensure the heat exchanger isn’t cracked or damaged.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

You should have one of these in every room in your home in case there’s a gas leak. They’ll emit a loud alarm to alert you that there’s carbon monoxide in your home.

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