How To Keep My Home Cool Without Air Conditioning?

Cooling Solutions in Asheville, North Carolina

If you have to spend part of your summer without an air conditioner, the team at 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air has a few suggestions to help keep your home cool. Whether you need air conditioner repairs, AC replacement, or new air conditioner installation in Asheville, NC, we can help you get relief from the summer heat. While you wait for air conditioning service, consider these tips to keep your home more comfortable.

Utilize What You Have

If you have ceiling fans, turning them on to circulate the air in your home is an excellent start to feeling more comfortable when it is hot. Use box and oscillating fans to create a cool airflow through the living space in your home. The oscillating fans should be in the coolest areas and point toward the hottest areas, while the box fans should face windows so they can force the heat outside of your home. You can also use the fans in your kitchen and bathroom ceilings to take some of the heat out of these areas.

Block Out the Sun

Curtains are excellent tools to keep your home cooler. The darker you make the rooms in your home during the day, the cooler they will be. Dark curtains with white backing are particularly effective at reflecting the sunlight away from your residence. In the evening, open the windows and get fresh air to flow through the house.

Cook Outside

Cooking indoors with your oven or even a cooktop stove can make your home much hotter. Consider grilling outdoors to limit the amount of heat you create in your home when it is hot outside.

To cook heavier meals, you can also use small appliances instead of your oven. An air fryer or crockpot can still make a hearty meal for dinner without all the heat an oven creates.

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