How to Boost Your AC Unit’s Energy Efficiency

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Homeowners have a say in how efficiently their air conditioner runs; it all depends on how well they take care of it. If you’ve been rather hands-off with your AC, you may want to correct this by doing the following three things.

Ensuring Good Airflow

There’s an air filter in your return vent, and it’s probably clogged by now. Air filters, in particular pleated filters, need replacing every 90 days. Replace it earlier if you own pets, the outdoor air is polluted or someone in your home smokes. The reason is to keep the air circulating smoothly in your home. Dirty filters and dirty coils are just some of the things that go against this and wear down the motor prematurely.

Programming the Thermostat

Do you own a programable thermostat? Then take advantage of its ability to create a cooling schedule. This way, you minimize the AC’s operation during those times when either no one is home or everyone is asleep. To run the AC less while still maintaining comfort is the ideal goal. Ideally, set the temperature to 68 degrees when at home, and raise it to 72 at all other times.

Also make sure that the thermostat is in good working order. Clean it occasionally, and have it calibrated so that it reads the indoor temperature correctly.

Getting Regular Maintenance

Thermostat calibration and filter replacement are two basic maintenance tasks; there are dozens of others, and you may want a professional to handle them for you. Experts recommend getting a tune-up every spring, citing AC longevity and energy efficiency as the primary reasons. All the repairs and adjustments that a technician can make will ensure that the system does its job with a minimum of energy waste.

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