How Often Should You Get HVAC Maintenance?

Furnace Maintenance in Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC, has four seasons of wild weather. It’s not uncommon to need both heating and cooling functions in the same week. You need a heating and cooling system that’s ready to keep your home comfortable. Use these tips from our skilled technicians at 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air to know when to schedule HVAC maintenance.

Springtime Air Conditioning Tune-Up

We recommend a springtime tune-up for your air conditioning system. The best time for this is mid-March to mid-April. During an air conditioning maintenance visit, our technicians measure the refrigerant level and inspect the thermostat and controls. We clean all the moving parts of the air conditioner. Our tune-up also includes cleaning the condensate line and replacing the old air filter.

Autumn Heating System Maintenance

Once per year, schedule a heating maintenance appointment. October or November are good times for this appointment. Our technicians make sure your heating system efficiently burns fuel. We also run a system safety test to make sure there aren’t any gas leaks or problems with the flue. Our technicians clean the blower motor, combustion chamber and burners. Every part is thoroughly inspected for signs of excessive wear and tear. Heating system maintenance also includes an air filter change.

Semi-Annual Heat Pump Tune-Up

Many Asheville homes have a heat pump instead of a standard furnace and central air conditioning system. Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling functions, so they’re in use year-round. Because heat pumps are used so much, they need a tune-up twice each year. We recommend a springtime tune-up in March and an autumn tune-up in October.

Our team at 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air is the trusted source of heating and cooling maintenance in Asheville. You can also count on us for heating and cooling repair and installation services. If you’re a business owner, you can also rely on us for affordable commercial heating and air conditioning services. To learn more about how often to schedule HVAC maintenance for your home, get in touch with 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air today.