Benefits of Having a Backup Generator for Your Home

Generator installation

A backup generator can be a great investment, as it will ensure your home still has power in the event of an outage or blackout. Backup generators are wired directly into the building’s electrical system and will automatically turn on and start providing power to your home as soon as the power goes out. To understand why backup generators can be such a smart investment, here are some of the important benefits that they can provide.

Comfort and Safety

As long as your backup generator is the proper size for your home, it should be able to power everything in your house, including your air conditioning and heating. If the power were to go out during a heat wave, your home could quickly become dangerously hot and lead to a risk of heat stroke. Similarly, a power outage during the winter could also lead to your home becoming cold enough that your pipes may freeze and burst. This is true even if you have a gas furnace as your heating system will still need electricity to power the furnace blower and circulate heat throughout the home.

A backup generator can ensure that you never have to worry about these issues. If the power does ever go out, the generator will quickly turn on so that your heating or AC can continue to run. This will ensure that you stay comfortable while also preventing safety issues or potential damage to your home.


Backup generators are also extremely convenient since they work automatically. The generator is connected to a device known as an automatic transfer switch (ATS). The ATS constantly monitors the electricity flowing into your home and will signal the generator to run whenever the power goes out.

Portable generators can be useful in a power outage, but you will still have to drag the generator out and plug any devices directly into it or run an extension cord from the generator into your home. Backup generators are far more convenient since they’re hard-wired into your electrical system, and they are also powerful enough to run everything in your home unlike portable generators. You also never need to worry about refueling a backup generator since they are always connected to either your home’s natural gas supply or a large propane tank.

At 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air, we specialize in installing backup generators, and our team can also help if you have an existing generator that needs to be maintained or repaired. We also offer a range of other electrical repair and installation services as well as a full selection of heating and air conditioning services for customers throughout the Asheville area. For more information on the benefits of installing a backup generator, contact us today.