At 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air, we provide numerous services for indoor air quality in Fairview, NC. When dirt, dust, and other contaminants build up, they can negatively impact your health. Short-term side effects from exposure to certain contaminants include everything from fatigue to headaches.

    Long-term effects are often more severe and can involve lung and heart disease. If you breathe dirty air, you’re more likely to cough and sneeze. By obtaining an IAQ test, you can determine if you need whole-house air filtration. Take your first step toward improving your home’s indoor air by giving our HVAC team a call.

    Indoor Air Quality in Fairview

    Indoor air quality plays a significant role in determining how healthy you are. If the air is dirty, you’re more likely to experience minor side effects. There are many reasons that contaminants get into indoor air.

    For example, poor ventilation can cause pollutant levels to increase by not allowing outdoor air to cycle into your home. If your home has high humidity levels or temperatures, the concentration of contaminants can increase.

    It’s possible for indoor air to be several times as polluted as outdoor air. In this situation, it’s often necessary to bring in fresh air to ensure contaminants don’t accumulate. There are numerous types of systems you can install in your home to improve indoor air quality.

    These systems include everything from a whole-house air purifier to more effective filters. If you have a central HVAC unit, replace its filter every two to three months to keep your air clean.

    Indoor air can contain many harmful contaminants that you should get rid of immediately:
    • Mold
    • Bacteria
    • Viruses
    • Volatile organic compounds
    • Particulates

    The type of system you choose for your home depends on how many contaminants are in the air. To determine which solutions are necessary, we’ll test your air to identify its quality. If you request whole-house air filtration, you can effectively remove most pollutants from the air you breathe.

    These systems capture everything from pollen to dust and can freshen your indoor environment. Our team can teach you how to operate your system once we complete the installation process.

    Reliable Whole-House Air Filtration

    Here at 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air, we know how important it is that your indoor air remains free from contaminants. Our top priority is to put customers first by delivering efficient installation and offering sound advice.

    Our NATE-certified technicians know how to detect contaminants and recommend solutions that will work for your home. We offer many IAQ products, which range from whole-house air purifiers to ventilation control systems.

    Keep contaminants out of your Fairview home during the cold winter months. Contact us at 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air today to schedule our indoor air quality services.