minisplitsInstalling a ductless AC in Fairview, NC will give you efficient, whole-house cooling without the need for HVAC air duct retrofitting. Ductless mini-split systems deliver cold, conditioned air without needing to pass through ducts.

    They’re perfect for older homes that lack ductwork and for homes with remote areas that don’t have central cooling systems. With a mini-split AC, you can get rid of your inefficient window air conditioner, add value to your property, and significantly increase your home comfort.

    Our HVAV experts provide mini split installation for attic bedrooms, garden rooms, finished basements, whole-house cooling, and more.

    Ductless AC in Fairview

    Ductless systems offer zoned temperature control. Like central air conditioners, we install the mini-split AC’s outdoor condenser in your back or side yard. However, instead of having just one indoor air handler, ductless mini-split systems can have up to eight.

    When installing mini-split AC systems for whole-house cooling, we divide homes into multiple zones or service areas. Each service area has its own thermostat and air handler for zone-specific climate control.

    The zoned temperature control from a mini-split AC provides many important benefits.
    • Less energy waste
    • Fewer arguments over thermostat settings
    • Customized comfort
    • Lower cooling costs

    Although ductless mini-split air conditioners cost more than central ACs, having our team install one could cost you a lot less overall. If your home lacks the ductwork for supporting central air conditioning, you could pay more to buy a central AC, install air ducts post-construction, and install your new cooling equipment.

    In homes without ductwork, our ductless AC installation service also proves significantly less invasive. We’ll drill a three-inch hole in the exterior wall of each room that has an indoor air handler. We use these holes to connect air handlers to outside condensers via electrical wiring and copper refrigerant tubing.

    Like central air conditioners, ductless ACs offer temperature control, humidity regulation, and air filtration. These systems are also aesthetically pleasing.

    Air Conditioner And Heat Pump

    Air handlers for mini-split AC systems have slim profiles and they’re available in multiple, eye-catching colors. Best of all, we can install your air handlers in inconspicuous, out-of-the-way locations, such as on your upper walls or ceilings.

    Expert Mini-Split AC Installation

    Our team can help you find the perfect mini-split system for your budget, cooling needs, and design goals. We offer outstanding products with cutting-edge features and capabilities.

    Besides installation services, you can also turn to us for ductless AC repair services. We’re committed to providing superior workmanship, fair and transparent pricing, and unbeatable customer service.

    We’ve been serving the region since 2007 and we’re proud to be among the area’s most-trusted mini-split installers. We offer financing for qualified applicants and climate control products built to last.

    To experience the benefits of owning a ductless AC in Fairview firsthand, get in touch with 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air today.