Why a Spring HVAC Replacement is a Good Idea

When an HVAC system needs to be replaced or upgraded, is there a preferred time of the year to do so? Of course, if the system fails, then you’ll have to replace it right away. On the other hand, if the unit still functions but is nearing the end of its useful lifespan, you can be strategic in choosing a replacement date. Spring, in particular, might be the preferred season of the year to start the job.

The Advantage of Spring Weather

Replacing an HVAC system means you may be without functional equipment for a brief period. Electrical work may be necessary, which could lead to some downtime. Since spring is not a time of the year known for extreme weather conditions, that downtime will probably be much more tolerable during this season. Installing a new HVAC system in the summer or the winter brings concerns about the ability to maintain a desirable temperature.

Easier Scheduling in the Spring

Summer and winter are also seasons in which HVAC companies find customers bombarding their offices with service requests. The number of air conditioners and furnaces that break down during undesirable weather can keep a company’s phone ringing off the hook. In the spring, people might not even be running their air conditioners or furnaces. So, you could gain some flexibility with the installation date. In Asheville, you can turn to 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air for convenient scheduling and expert installation.

Springtime Could Mean Better Timing

Spring may set up things better for the summer. If you have the unit already in place by late April, you’ll have an air conditioner efficiently running before the hot months arrive. Of course, the furnace will also be in place long before winter. It’s better to avoid a last-minute installation if you have the option.

Doors Opened to Deals

Manufacturers sometimes push spring deals to attract customers. If you can get a good deal on a new model, why not take advantage of it? Spring could open doors for that specific opportunity, especially for homeowners with an aging HVAC unit.

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