The Best HVAC System for a Multifamily Home

Deciding on the best HVAC system for a multifamily home will affect your bottom line as well as the energy efficiency and level of comfort of the occupants. Making the best choice will result from knowing what you need to look for while finding the most knowledgeable professional to advise you on the matter and conduct the installation. Here’s what you need to know when choosing an HVAC system for your building.

Accounting for Peak Energy Demand

When installing a system for a single-family home, it’s a much simpler task to calculate what the house’s peak energy demand will be. However, with a multifamily installation, the variance is much greater, and the peak demand will depend on multiple occupants. To avoid energy bottlenecks and draining the HVAC system’s capacity to perform at peak demand, you need to have a knowledgeable professional design and install the system. If you’re in the Asheville, NC, area, contact 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air to set up an appointment for a NATE-certified expert to help you to determine the peak energy demand for your HVAC system.

Ease of Maintenance

Planning your HVAC system’s design is also important to its maintenance. You need to have a system installed that will provide ease of access for regular maintenance. Also, it would be best to have a regular maintenance plan so as to keep your home’s HVAC system running efficiently for years to come.

Separate Access to Comfort Controls

Another aspect that sets a multifamily HVAC system apart from a single-family one is that you will need to provide independent access to comfort controls for each occupant. Proper system design guarantees that this happens seamlessly.

Centralized vs. Decentralized Units

Depending on the size of the building and the space you have available for installing and powering the HVAC system, you’ll have to choose between a centralized and decentralized unit. A centralized unit costs more and is best suited for buildings with a larger number of apartment units. A decentralized system is placed in a separate location and is better for smaller homes.

If you’re in the market for a multifamily home HVAC system and you want to get it right on the first try, contact 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air today. We serve the Asheville community with high-quality HVAC services, and we provide solar and geothermal installations too.