How Does Cooking Pollute Your Indoor Air Quality?

While home cooking can be fun and provide great nutrition benefits, it can also result in surprisingly hazardous indoor air quality. Many contaminants are released when you burn food. These can cause health issues such as asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses. Some of the contaminants released are ultrafine, which means they can get into parts of your body that larger particulars can’t. Here are some other ways that cooking pollutes your home’s air.

Gas Stoves

Your stove is a major source of indoor air pollution. Gas stoves don’t burn 100% of their fuel, which causes carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases to enter the air. One study found that cooking a fried chicken dinner on a gas stove can result in nitrogen dioxide levels of 400 parts per billion, far above the guideline of 250 parts per billion.

Electric Stoves

Electric stoves don’t cause as much indoor air issues as gas stoves, but they still do produce particulate matter and the release of formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Electric coil burners also produce ultrafine contaminants, especially when they are first heating up.

Steps to Take

With both electric and gas stoves, the overhead exhaust fan should be used whenever you are cooking. If your exhaust fan just recirculates air, turn on another exhaust fan such as one in a nearby bathroom. It may be beneficial to use the back burners since particulates from that location enter the exhaust fan better than the front burners. If the weather allows for it, also open windows when you are cooking so you have proper ventilation.

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