End of Summer AC Maintenance Could Help You Save Money Next Spring

It has been a long summer in Asheville, NC, and you may be looking forward to the cooler, dryer weather of autumn. Before you start planning your fall maintenance tasks, start with some end-of-summer AC maintenance. Here are three AC maintenance tasks you should do now to save money next spring.

Wash the Outdoor Unit

Throughout the summer, pollen, dust, dirt, tree sap and grime accumulated on the outdoor unit’s housing. Once the summer ends, turn off the AC unit’s power. Use your garden hose and sprayer to rinse the housing. Consider purchasing a fin brush, which makes it easier to get sticky sap and grime off the housing. It also allows you to reshape the fins if debris has bent them.

Clean the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain is where the moisture condensed out of your home’s air drains from the air conditioner’s coils. The constant dripping of water all summer long creates ideal conditions for mold and algae growth. At the end of the summer, while the power to the air conditioner is off, disconnect the condensate pipe. Pour a 10% bleach solution into it. Scrub it with a brush. Rinse it clean, and reconnect it.

Change the Air Filter

Dirty air filters decrease air conditioner efficiency by as much as 15%. At the end of the season, take out the old, dirty filter and replace it. Check the air filter monthly during the cooling season, and don’t wait more than three months between replacement filters. Consider buying the filters in bulk to save more money.

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