Does a Gas Furnace Work Without Electricity?

Severe weather and power outages can happen at any time in Asheville, NC. A winter wind, ice or a snowstorm could knock out power to your home for several days, leaving you in the cold. You might wonder if your gas furnace will work without electricity during a power outage. The answer is no, it won’t operate without electricity. Keep reading to learn why your gas furnace requires electrical power.

Thermostat and Circuit Board

Programmable and smart thermostats require electricity. Most of them are hardwired, and they may have a battery for saving your heat settings. These devices are like the brains of your heating system. They tell the furnace when to start and end a heating cycle. Your gas furnace has an electric circuit board that relays information between the thermostat and the furnace’s relays. When the thermostat triggers a heating cycle, this information is processed through the circuit board. The board requires electricity to trigger the ignition of natural gas and start the blower motor.

Relays or Switches

Gas furnaces have several relays or switches. They’re responsible for controlling the flow of gas from the supply line and regulating the fuel’s flow into the combustion chamber. Relays also control the thermocouple, which is a device that shuts off the supply of gas if the pilot light or burner flame goes out. These safety devices require electrical power. It’s not safe to use your gas furnace without them.

Blower Motors

Your furnace has one or two blower motors. These motors propel the heated air into your home’s ducts. They also push the waste products of combustion into the flue and out of your home. Without electricity, these motors won’t work.

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