3 Factors Affecting How Often a Furnace Filter Needs to Be Replaced

You own a furnace, which means that it comes with a filter to keep out dust and debris. Obviously, no filter lasts forever; it will get clogged and then cause problems with airflow and performance if it’s neglected. The question then becomes, “How often should I replace the filter?” The answer depends on several factors. 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air in Asheville, NC, has compiled this list to help you further understand how often your furnace filter needs your attention.

1. The Filter Type

Several types of filters exist, and they all differ from one another in their ability to capture particles. The cheapest filters are fiberglass filters and have the nickname “throwaway filters.” They are effective for 30 days maximum. Above them are pleated filters, probably the most widely used type. Thanks to the greater surface area that the pleats create, these filters can last some 60 to 90 days.

Some filters don’t need replacing at all. Electrostatic filters, for instance, are meant to last for the life of the furnace and only need the occasional cleaning. It’s recommended that these filters need to be cleaned every 90 days.

2. The Filter Thickness

If the filter is 1 to 2 inches thick, then it can be replaced every 90 days. Maybe you have allergy or asthma sufferers in your home and you use a highly efficient 4- or 5-inch filter to accommodate them. The 4-inch ones can last six months, and 5-inch ones may last the entire year.

3. Factors Inside Your Home

The numbers given above are all general figures. So, for example, you may need to replace pleated filters after less than 60 days if you own pets. A lot depends, too, on how often you run your furnace. The less you run it, the slower the filter gets dirty. If you frequently open the doors and windows to circulate the outside air through your home, then expect to change out the filters sooner and more frequently.

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