3 Common Furnace Problems

Furnace problems don’t always involve complete operational failure. You should be aware of other potential problems so you can catch them before they transform into more expensive issues. Three common furnace problems you might experience are inadequate heating, strange sounds and water leaks around the furnace.

1. Inadequate Heating

If your furnace isn’t properly heating your home, it may have a clogged air filter or too much built-up dust inside the system. Changing the air filter is something you can do on your own. You should change it every month regardless of whether or not it seems dirty in order to prevent furnace problems. 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air in Asheville, NC, offers professional annual heating maintenance, a service that prevents excessive dust on the furnace’s internal components.

2. Strange Sounds

What sound your furnace makes can lend insight into what’s wrong with it. Rattling sounds often mean debris is being tossed around inside. Banging noises indicate something has disconnected or broken. Debris inside the furnace can cause parts to break or disconnect, so rattling should be taken just as seriously as banging.

Other sounds you don’t want to hear your furnace make are scraping, squealing, thwapping, clanking and frequent clicking. It’s normal to hear a click when the furnace turns on and off, but if it’s clicking more than this, it needs repair. 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air provides dependable furnace repair services in the Asheville area.

3. Water Pooling Around the Furnace

Condensation tube clogs, floor drain clogs, and broken lines can cause water leaks around the furnace in high-efficiency gas furnaces. Another possible cause behind furnace leaks is a broken secondary heat exchanger, which can be expensive to fix. You should have a repair company inspect the furnace as soon as possible. Ignoring furnace problems can result in having to replace the entire system.

In addition to heating repair and heating maintenance, we offer heating installation, AC repair, AC maintenance and AC installation in the Asheville area. We work on both commercial and residential units. We can also install a high-quality thermostat in your home when it’s time to replace your thermostat. Contact 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air today for more information on our services for residents in the Asheville area.