Appliance Services in Asheville, NCWhen you need help with an appliance repair in Asheville, NC, 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air is the company to turn to for assistance. If you’re thinking about skipping the repair for now, you will want to think twice about that decision. A simple parts replacement may be all that’s required. When you wait, an appliance could become so damaged it needs to be completely replaced. Our electricians can take care of your kitchen and laundry appliance repairs, and we can handle your refrigerator repair requests as well. Don’t take risks operating an appliance that is faulty. Allow an expert to assist you, and get the repair taken care of properly.

    Stretching the lifespan of the appliance could be possible with the right part. Older equipment with lots of wear and tear is ripe for a breakdown or parts replacement. Sometimes an increase in energy costs can be an indication of a problem hiding in your appliances. Even new appliances can develop issues that require a professional fix right away. Let us know you want our help getting your residential appliances working again.

    Trusted Asheville Appliance Repair Company

    Area homeowners count on our electrical team to make sure their appliances are safe and reliable to use. We repair all makes and models, so don’t hesitate to reach out for our assistance. Our electricians are qualified to address your concerns. Whether it’s an appliance switch that requires replacement or a larger issue, our team is available to serve you. Improperly addressed repairs can short your whole power system, but we work carefully to prevent that from happening.

    There are usually signs present when an appliance is ready to fail.
    • Burning smells during operation
    • Equipment won’t turn off or on
    • Sparks from appliance outlet
    • Grinding noises when in use

    Don’t wait and leave an appliance repair for later. Severe damage can be done if you put repairs off for another time. In the case of refrigerator repair, you’re also risking loss of a serious investment in food.

    Professional Refrigerator Repair Services

    Professional Refrigerator Repair ServicesAs your dependable local repair team, we take pride in delivering outstanding results. 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air has been providing complete customer satisfaction since 2007. Our company hires experienced, qualified electricians to meet your home’s needs. We always operate with respect for our customers, follow the latest industry standards on all projects, and offer affordable pricing on all services. Our crew works from a location on Stone Ridge Boulevard near the intersection of Weaverville Road, and they can cover all requests in nearby areas promptly.

    When you put them in the hands of our experts at 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air, you can keep your home appliances in Asheville in top condition. Call our office today to schedule a repair appointment.